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Added 30/7/2016

Final Fantasy XIV is a worldwide phenomenon among the football enthusiasts. Apart from watching in their television sets, they often sport jerseys of their favourite teams to show love and support. There is a very big community of gamers who enjoy playing the sport on their favourite consoles. They are required to buy currencies called FFXIV Gil to unlock certain features to make the most out of the game. FF14GilHub.com helps them fulfil their desires. It is an online supplier of these gil which has allowed the company to build a loyal followers base over the years.

FF14GilHub.com supplies gil and currencies which can run flawlessly on many game consoles. This includes desktops, iOS devices, Android devices, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. It has a fully fledged stock which caters to the need of gamers all around the world. There are FFXIV Gil available which the website trades from its well built trading platform. All interested buyers can have the peace of mind knowing that they will access only a secure online payment system.

The company has managed to build lasting relationships with their client which has proved successful for both. It operates on three principles of providing quality service, enabling quick delivery and placing affordable prices on the Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Every customer who uses the website has full support from the 24 hours available customer service representatives. There is a live chat service which enables the website visitors. All the fans and followers of the game are welcome save both time and effort from the money saving deals.

FF14GilHub.com uses the 2048-bit secured SSL encryption which adequately protects the payment details of customers. Anyone is free to check out the feedback columns to confirm legitimacy. The first time visitors interested in buying FFXIV Gil can go to the How to Buy section of the website. All the necessary instructions are summarized as per easy to follow steps. In case the required gil are out of stock, in that case it may cause only a slight delay in delivery. Apart from them, there are no middlemen between the purchasers and sellers.

Anyone willing to register himself can do it freely without any hassle. They can also login from social accounts like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Yahoo etc. FF14GilHub.com allows football gamers enjoy playing matches on their game consoles in full swing. There are multiple payment options available like PayPal, Western Union, VISA, Smartcard and more.

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FF14GilHub.com supplies Final Fantasy XIV currencies to help the football gamers to make the most out of their game play. It has Final Fantasy XIV Gil for gamers across different consoles such as PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and one, Android devices, desktops, iOS devices etc. Visit the website for more information.

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Any chance TT Tourneys can be less FFXIV susceptible to cheating?

Added 6/11/2015

So for a few weeks now, I've noticed the same FFXIV Gil names leading the Triple Triad tournaments, always with the maximum amount of games won, and always with ridiculously high scores. I don't doubt people are cheating, because you don't just win 45 games on roulette.

Are there any plans to make the tournament less abusive and to open up victory for players who don't cheat?

I have a background in card game organized play. I've been running, managing, and officiating tournaments for over a decade at everything from local stores to large conventions.

Under the current system, eliminating cheating is totally impossible. As long as prize is distributed based on hard rankings, cheating in a system like this will be rampant and unstoppable.

So the question isn't "can we eliminate cheating?" because the answer is no. The question should be "can we make the tournament more fair?" Yes we can.

Start by getting rid of this notion of a top 20. In an asynchronous league structure like this, rank is meaningless because win trading can't be prevented. We're already limiting the number of matches each player can play in. That's good. Next we change the system so that wins, not points, matter more. Further we specify that you can't play the same person in the same tournament more than once. Then at the end of the tournament, we give rewards based on the number of wins accumulated. That simple.

Changing the value of a win because of deck strength is useless because win trading. What we COULD do there is set up tiers so that people are only playing decks on their own tier. This creates its own problems, but I think they'd probably be minor. It's worth noting that since I don't know the number of players that actually exist in each deck tier right now, it's hard to know whether this can work or not. Though I think it's worth Cheap FFXIV Gil investigating.

This system will end up awarding more prizes to people because we'll have a larger number of winners overall. But that's ok here because we don't have physical costs involved. Just change up what the prizes are so that people will continue to be interested in tournament play.

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Do you think it's actually worse to get Final Fantasy XIV Battle High and Battle Fever in Slaughter?

Added 5/11/2015

In 24man Slaughter, I actually think it's worse to get these bonuses because you just become a huge bounty mark from both teams. Those extra pts from slaying a High/Fever mark can make the other teams get a huge lead over you.

In 72man, I'm not sure... It's not as bad as 24man but when you get Fever (8 kill+) I think you have to play super safe since if you are caught, it's basically a freebie 10 ish pts for the team who kills you (which might be really bad if you give it to the 1st/2nd place team). I think keeping Battle High in this mode is fine, but Fever might be risky.

Just want to know your thoughts on this.

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